How many people are in the Board of Directors?2017-08-31T15:45:07-04:00

For this year (2017), The Society will have 5 seats for the Board of directors. Each of these seats will be filled from a representative of each specialty of Medicine, Dentist, Pharmacy, Nurses, and Chiropractor. Next year there will be 4 more seats available which will be filled but voting by the members.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the society?2017-08-31T15:45:53-04:00

Networking among all of the members, has been the most frequent reason why our members join the society. You can consult, ask questions, get an advise, and get referrals from many different specialties. You will have contact with people within your own specialty and within other health related specialties. Imagine how easy it is to find people from different specialties at one place. We will also have 3 large gatherings per year for all of the members and meet to discuss general health related issues and innovations. Each specialty, will also have their specific gatherings at a different time. We will have Bimonthly events, seminars, lectures on different health related issues. We will also have annual meetings and annual gala party.

What are the annual fee or dues for the membership?2017-08-31T15:46:24-04:00


Who can become a member of the society?2017-08-31T15:46:48-04:00

Any Iranian American who is practicing in the United States, as a health related professional can become a member. however the individuals that can not practice here, can become an associate member.