Benefits of Membership

When you join the Society of Iranian American Health Professionals (SIAHP), you become instantly connected to local network of peers, and have access to the societies’ events and resources.

SIAHP membership is more than access to information. SIAHP  is about you, becoming creative and taking personal responsibility for your professional career and the well being of your personal life. SIAHP benefits include venues and tools for members to network, build valuable professional connections, and learn leadership and marketing  skills.

Enhance your membership further,  by joining different committees that we have and build your  teamwork skills by bringing new ideas and making it happen.

This is your society; become part of the voice of what is important to the health and well-being of your own community and have direct impact on starting projects that represent your dreams and your passions which you believe are important. As you are seeing your dreams come into a beautiful reality, you will notice that you are inspiring and motivating others to do the same which is true leadership.