It is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion, mixed with doubts about the value of your work.


We are at risk, when we have a time crunch and work stress together  for a period of time that is not treated and it is ignored.


Our jobs take up most of our times,  and as long as we are looking to find a balance between work and life, we can not find it. What is the solution? Quit your job and do the work that you came to do,  in this life. ( Difference between Job and Work)   work needs to be a small part of my life and not my whole life. So your work is not outside of your life


We are told:    Study hard….Do whatever it takes……Have what we need to have…….in order to become or  Be successful and happy

It is the other way around!!! Start with Be!!. Need to look inside


Wants Vs Needs

Means Value, Money   VS.   End Value, Freedom

Find out what it is that you really want


Where do our belief systems come from?

We think that our belief systems come form our experiences, but it could also be the other way around, what we believe, can creat our experiences , Secret movie


Core Values   non negotiable    VS      Belief system values    negotiable

Question your belief system,    who you are, and what you do,  is all based on your belief systems which are all formed at a young age

to change yourself  is to change your belief systems


Die before you die!!  Rumi

the book, Breaking the habit of being yourself, by Dr. Joe Dispenza

the book, Pschocybernetic, Maxwell Malts, a plastic surgeon  published 1960

SELF IMAGE is a concept that is  Physical, Mental, emotional, spiritual, and social. It is the sum of all of the beliefs I have about myself!!! basically it is who I think I am


subconscious VS conscious

little you VS the BIG YOU,

Brain loves to create problems


Change the order of the Brain and Heart/Gut feeling ,  Switch the role of the king and the prime minister! Always ask the WHAT questions from the heart, and the HOW questions from the Brian

Find out what you want to do (ask heart)  in any situations,  and then go to your brain and Demand from  your brain, to “show me a way to do it”  (don’t ask the brain if you should do it or not, demand to show you how to do it) Brian loves to solve problems, It actually create problems just to solve it!


If you ask your brian, if I should do it or not?, it will give you 100 reasons not to do it based on the belief systems   (It will tell you: you are not smart enough, young enough, rich enough, pretty enough, thin enough, sociable enough, good enough,strong enough, fit enough, free enough,,…to be able to do it. and it will tell you to stay put, don’t Rock the boat, continue the routine, lucky to even have a job,….)


Who is in control of the thoughts?


Meditation, Training a Puppy like Americans, not Iranians!  and like a cat waiting at  mousehole patiently. Sit up relax, and become the observer of the thoughts, ask yourself I wonder what the next thought will be, and then like the puppy training,  no judging,  you observe it until goes away





An experience by itself is not stressful, how we perceive the experience determines if it is stressful or not.

Study of a 30,000 people: if we believe the stress is good and believe that it gets us ready to cope with the situation,  we get moments of joy and courage, ( heart rate goes up but blood pressure stays the same)rather than believing it s bad for us it will give us the  feeling of anxiety and anger (heart rate goes up and blood pressure goes up)


Examples of  Change your belief systems about work,  and you change yourself  :

  1. Don’t get rid of your stress, make it your friend
  2. are you a finish product or a work in progress?

3. change your belief system in to a positive one, that workplace is like a classroom

4. at work, its not what you made today, its what you were made into, today

5.who do you have to become, in order to be joyous at work , “Become the Grandma at work”


How can we prevent/treat Burnout/stress (Internal help, besides websites, government..)

  1. first step is to wake up, become conscious, just notice the trend of things that must happen to you first, before,  stress starts to build up,. Become aware of the preparations, the rituals, and the routines that you do or not do, before you start feeling stress or burnout

2.Have a clear concept of what it is you want ( what your heart wants) go after your dreams

3.Improve yourself all the times, Step into the unknown! that is where excitement lives

4.Don’t be afraid to make decisions, it is ok to have fear, but not ok for the fear to have you

5.Believe in yourself, Love yourself, change the negative believes and self image about yourself, others, toward work,  and about life itself

  1. Accept that it is not easy, Surrender, but don’t give up  It is easy but not simple

7.When going, gets tough, go inside. Don’t play the victim game, be the source of everything, not at the cause of it. Be responsible ( “Response Able”)

8.Control and master your emotions, but don’t become emotional

  1. Be like a kid:
  2. Be outrageous, play,enjoy, laugh, jump,dance…
  3. Question everything, especially the negative belifs
  4. Ignore reality, become unreal! that is how things are invented. Look outside the box

Get outside and play, go to work and be like a kid!!

I hope you enjoyed listening to this talk, as much as I enjoyed giving it


Thanks again

Jamal Yousefi, M.D.

Board certified Plastic Surgeon

President, Society of the Iranian American health professionals