Update on the Fundraising Campaign as of 3/15/2020, 9:35 PM EST

With your generous support we have raised $30,900 and we have a promise of matching up to $25,000 on its way. We encourage participants and donors to continue their support. Starting Monday, March 16th, we will be reaching out to our partner Relief International for immediate medical and medication arrangement for Iran. Please stay tuned.  

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Iran COVID-19 – Donate Now

Letter to Iranian-American Healthcare Professionals (COVID-19)

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Letter to Iranian-American Community (COVID-19)

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Dear Distinguished Guests,

It is with great disappointment that the Board of SIAHP has decided to cancel this year’s Gala.  Our first priority is the safety of our members and guests that attend our events.  In accordance with the recent CDC guidelines, we have decided a large gala may pose a risk to the attendees.  It is our responsibility and duty to respond to the WHO’s announcement that Covid-19 has become a pandemic.  While we were looking to celebrating Norooz with all of you, we hope you will have a safe and peaceful Norooz season with your loved ones.
In the spirit of giving, we have decided to donate the complete purchase ticket of the Gala to Relief International for aid to Iran with medical supplies.  We will issue a 100% tax deductible letter for the full purchase price.  If you prefer to get a full refund for your ticket, please notify us by March 15, 2020.
In the meantime, please help us continue our fundraising goal of $100,000.00.  All proceeds of this campaign will be donated to Relief International towards medical supplies for Iran.  The situation in Iran is dire and they desperately need supplies.  We hope you will open your hearts and pockets and help us reach our goal.  Please share the campaign with your friends and family.  (share the campaign link here)
Wishes for a healthy, happy and peaceful Norooz!
With respect,
SIAHP Board of Directors
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Core Values

Through growing regional membership SIAHP is the pre-eminent health care resource for Iranian-American.

Through growing regional membership, SIAHP is the
pre-eminent health care resource for Iranian-American.

  • Authenticity to our community and ourselves

  • Integrity to the mission and vision of the society

  • Commitment to the society

  • Openness to new ideas; free exchange of information, knowledge and techniques among members

  • Transparency of process and shared decision-making

  • Ethical, professional and academic behavior